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A legendary Budo master and bestselling author offers a comprehensive and detailed overview of Aikido's essential techniques.

Aikido was developed by the legendary Morihei Usehiba, the culmination of many years of dedicated training in the classical fighting arts. In its relatively short history, Aikido has become one of the most revered martial arts in the world, drawing a wide range of devotees of all ages. Much of its appeal is that it is unique in preserving the martial traditions of Japan in the context of contemporary society. In Aikido: the Complete Basic Techniques renowned Budo master Gozo Shioda, who devoted himself to the study of Aikido under Ueshiba and founded the Yoshinkan Aikido, details all of Aikido's most important basic techniques, providing the reader with a rich and engaging insight into this modern and universally respected martial art.

This book primarily deals with the basic throws that form the early stages of Aikido practice. Each technique is presented in concise, comprehensive, and lucid explanations accompanied by detailed photographs that will serve as an essential study aid for the beginning student and also act as a valuable source of reference material for the more advanced practitioner. Shioda demonstrates how the Basic Exercises that comprise the core of Aikido teaching will assist the practitioner in focusing his or her strength, and how that strength can be harnessed for wider applications. Also central to the Aikido philosophy is the importance of synchronizing the spirit and achieving harmony with one's opponent, and Shioda explains how this can be done through a selfless devotion to the techniques. In so doing, one can foster a spirit of self-improvement, and unter an unrestrained state of mind in which one's powers of concentration will be at their strongest.

This book includes a wealth of rare photographs of the author demonstrating the techniques, as well as a new section on Practical Application. As discussed in a foreword by the author's son, Yasuhisa Shioda, this book should serve as a testament to the universality of Aikido, a martial art which, partly due to its emphasis of defense over attack, can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age.


"Aikido: The Complete Basic Techniques comes from a master and teacher and the top student of modern Aikido's founder, so it's backed with much experience and authority."
—Midwest Book Review

About the Author

GOZO SHIODA was born in Tokyo in 1915. In 1932 he entered training with Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido, and became one of his outstanding students. In 1954 he entered the All Japan Martial Arts Exhibition, and won first prize. Holder of the ninth rank black belt, he founded the Yoshinkan Aikido. In 1988 he was awarded the title of Aikido Meijin (Master) by the International Martial Arts Federation. He was also chief instructor for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, the Air Self-defense Force, the Japanese National Railways, Sophia University, Meiji Gakuin University, and Takushoku University, his alma mater. He passed away in 1994.

YASUHISA SHIODA was born in 1952 in Tokyo, the son of Gozo Shioda. Training under his father, he worked to promote Aikido, teaching university, police, and business groups. In 1984 he went to Britain, where he taught Aikido for three years, laying a foundation for the development of Aikido in that country. Currently, in addition to teaching Aikido, he is active as a writer, promoting Aikido and the work of his father....

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