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Plyometrics is an essential part of strength and conditioning programs for the top athletes in nearly every sport. High-Powered Plyometrics provides the most systematic, comprehensive, and practical study of plyometrics available and can give you performance gains you never thought possible through 77 advanced exercises for explosive sports training.

This book gives you a complete plyometric-based training program that really works. No matter what your sport, the practical and effective training regimen presented will give you the greater speed and power components you need to succeed. Progressive training programs also allow you to adjust the level and intensity according to your needs.

High-Powered Plyometrics takes you step-by-step through high-level plyometric training, beginning with an understanding of the principles of how and why plyometrics works. It details proper training techniques and equipment, safety and injury prevention, and targeted training drills to develop your lower, middle, and upper body. You also get advanced tips to take you to the elite stages of training with discussions on periodization, long-term planning, and progression training. More than 350 photos-most presented sequentially-make the concepts, descriptions, and explanations easy to understand.

These principles have worked for hundreds of elite athletes, including intercollegiate and professional football and basketball players, world-class volleyball players and cross-country skiers, professional and Olympic cyclists, marathon runners, and athletes of all ages. They will give you the explosive power you need to compete at a high level in almost any sport. If you want to go beyond basic conditioning, High-Powered Plyometrics gives you everything you need to surge past the competition.
About the Author
When you want reliable training techniques, you want the best information from the most qualified sources. In addition to coauthoring Plyometrics, Explosive Power Training in 1985, James Radcliffe and Robert Farentinos have worked for years with countless elite athletes who have reaped huge benefits from high-powered plyometric training.

Radcliffe is the head strength and conditioning coach at the University of Oregon and has been involved in coaching since 1978. He has been researching plyometric training since 1980, completing a master's thesis on jump training. In addition to authoring two books and a training video on the subject, he has written numerous articles for the National Strength and Conditioning Association and Training & Conditioning Magazine, as well as for football, basketball, and volleyball coaching journals. He has presented the topic of explosive power training at dozens of major conferences all over the country since 1982. Radcliffe lives in Eugene, Oregon.

Farentinos is the president of Farentinos Sports Enterprises Corporation in Portland, Oregon. He is a life-long competitive athlete in several sports and a seven-time national champion in cross-country skiing, specializing in 50K marathons. With a master's degree and PhD in biology, he has written extensively not only for scientific journals but for popular magazines and newspapers as well. He was a trainer for the U.S. National Ski Team and has worked with professional and Olympic cyclists, in addition to runners, rock climbers, mountaineers, ultramarathoners, and weightlifters. Farentinos lives in Portland, Oregon.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1. The Science in Plyometrics
Chapter 2. Gearing Up for Plyometrics
Chapter 3. Plyometrics Technique
Chapter 4. Lower Body, Legs, and Hips
Chapter 5. Trunk and Upper Body
Chapter 6. Sport-Specific Training
Chapter 7. Building Power Long Term
Words of Praise
"Plyometric training is a crucial part of any strength and conditioning program. Real, long-term gains are possible if you're willing to put in the effort. For serious gains in explosive power, follow the exercises in High-Powered Plyometrics."

Gary Zimmerman
Denver Broncos (1993-97), Minnesota Vikings (1986-93)
Seven-time NFL Pro Bowl selection

"The depth and breadth of this book make it a must for both sports and conditioning coaches, as well as for anyone involved in reconditioning or rehabilitation. Its scientific basis and background are nicely complemented by its practical application."

Robb Rogers
Director of Conditioning
St. Louis Blues
1996 NSCA National Coach of the Year...

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